How to Reduce Risk When Transferring Money?

With the technological advancement taking lead with respect to money transfers, it is no surprise there are various risks involved and it is a regular thing to get to know about loopholes which weren’t guarded. While some of the money transferring technologies and methods prove to be riskier than the others, it is always advisable to move forward with caution so not to be prone to any of the mishandling of finances while transferring money.

The Risks of Money Transfer

Wire transfers could be prone to various risks which a person has to avoid at any cost.

1)    The Computer Bugs

It is witnessed by many that many of the malwares and computer viruses meddle with payment information of a person and that is a sure entryway for any hacker to retrieve your financial information and data which could easily be misused.

2)    Scams

It is not a surprise anymore that people get mugged by online scams despite knowing all about them. Online scams are supposed to cause an alarm to go off in your mind for that is where you are going to give out substantial amount of your financial information.

3)    Shady Transactions

Banks nowadays have made a point, due to government regulations to curtail money laundering, to get to know the customers of their customers. Without this information, there is chance unlawful money transfers could be made without any check and balance.

How to Reduce the Risks?

In order to reduce e the risks involved with money transfers, some important steps need to be taken into consideration:

1)    Ask for information before making payments

It is of utmost importance to check the details of the person or company before transferring money, so as to ensure there is nothing fishy about them. Make purchases from well-known companies to reduce this type of risk.

2)    Do not fall for the greed trap

Why would you receive bonus when you do not know the source in the first place? Or why would a person or a company be persistent to transfer some skyrocketing amount in your bank account at all? Take a backseat and observe the consistency of such emails or messages and deal with them with a sound mind rather than falling prey to such scams.

3)    Beware of public systems

It is essential to remove your information if you happen to use a computing device or system which is used by several others or is a public property. Information saved on these devices for money transfer could easily be misused.

4)    Spyware

Upgrade your computer and other devices and install up to date versions of spyware and anti-viruses so to protect them from any of the bugs. This way you could block any of the loopholes which are a source to target you and your financial records.

It is always better to play it safe when electronic transfers are considered so to avoid any major mishaps. Make sure to analyze the possible risk and take preventive measures for them before deciding on anything at all.


Is it Worth Investing in Green Technology?

Whenever we use the word ‘Green Technology’, we refer to evolution of technology in a way that is used to reverse the adverse effects that humans have caused over the environment.

This is a relatively newer field in the market that aims to transform daily life of people in a way information technology has in the past few decades. However, experts feel that the potential of Green Technology is way beyond IT and there are no limits to what it can surpass in the future

The lucrative field has also caught the eye of investors who think in-line with the experts. In fact, the government of United Kingdom has reserved a staggering 24.5 million pounds to be invested in the Energy Catalyst which is established by the collaboration of Department of Energy and Climate Change, Innovative UK, and Physical Sciences Research.

Here are a few reasons why investing in Green Technology is the best thing you can do with your money today.

High-Yield Investment

Since this line is more of a niche than a mainstream investment category, it possesses a higher amount of risks, and greater risks calls for better returns. Risk-taking investors have already dived in with millions of pounds at stake. The best part is that factors at present are pointing towards the fruitful future of this category making it the perfect high-yield investing.

Diversification in AIM

Diversification in Green Investment still brings better returns. The reason is that almost all green energy companies in the United Kingdom belong to the Junior Market. This market is commonly known as AIM—Alternative Investment Market—where companies are in a riskier position as compared to those in the main stock market. This means that even if you divide your investments among the AIM companies, you are still bound to get a better overall return.

Green Investment Funds

If you are unsure which green companies in the UK are best for investments, you can simply choose a Green Energy Fund in that case. These are investment funds which only invest your money in green companies.  In addition to that, they are managed by the fund managers who make sure you face little risk being in a high-return market. In the United Kingdom, Investment Trusts are among the most famous green energy investment funds.

AIM bonds!

Buying bonds of Green Companies is another way to invest in this eccentric market. The interest you get on these bonds is far greater than what you get on the conventional saving accounts. CBD Energy, Ecotricity, and Good Energy are some of the green companies in the UK that offer bonds with high interest rates.

Solar Panel Benefit

The greatest way to earn from a Green Energy Firm is to offer your roof for the deployment of their solar panels. It keeps you away from the troubles of financial institutions while earning you quite a bit more than what you will with a savings account. Furthermore, you can also avoid high electricity bills by using a part of energy produced from the solar panels.


In a nutshell, investing in Green Technology is totally worth it!


Why You Should Get a Long Term Loan

Struggling to pay off your high interest debt?

Looking to start a new business but you don’t have the finances for the upfront cost?

Want to renovate your home but you don’t have enough savings?

The fix to all your woes lies with the long term loans. They can provide you with the financing you need to pursue your personal and/or business activities. Bottom line is if you are looking for a loan, long terms loans are the way to go.

Show Me the Money

Through long term loans you can secure an amount that would just not be possible with a personal loan or a short term loan. From anything to £1000 to well over £100000, long term loans can cater to all your monetary requirements.

Flexibility of Repayment

Since a long term loan can be repaid over anywhere between one to thirty years, it can help you provide with your immediate major needs while distributing it’s associated concerns over a longer period of time.

Regulate Interest Rates at Your Own Will

With long term loans, you can always get the interest rates if you experience financial instability or if your income does not allow you to keep up the monthly repayment schedule.

Payments Are Structured

One of the biggest advantages of long term loans is that you exactly know what you are paying. The interest rates are not variable, so you can plan your budget both in the short term and as well as in the long term.

No Need For Equity Financing

If you want added finances for your business but you are struggling to arrange them, no need to go for equity financing. You can now acquire the required finances through long term loans and still have the complete ownership of the business with you.

No Need To Fret Over Your Bad Credit Ratings

Long terms loans can even be secured by people who have poor credit record. That being said borrowers with poor credit rating will have to settle with higher rate of interest and less flexible terms on loan.

Being a Good Boy Pays You Off

One of the benefits with long term loans is that lenders may decide to decrease the interest rate that you are paying on if you are regular with your payments. In addition to that, your credit rating will also improve as you make timely repayments.

Long Term Loans Can Also Help You Boost Your Income

This is true for long terms loans used for business and/or investment purposes. Through long term loans like buy-to-let mortgages you can boost your income with an initial affordable investment in the form of a deposit.

Long term loan is a valuable financial instrument that can help you in a number of ways as long as you take an informed decision. Its nadirs and critics will always warn you against acquiring them, but you just need to take that leap of faith and experience it on your own.


Money matters

Money makes the world go round… or so they say. You’ve probably had a look around and thought… what gives? Everyone else seems to have a tonne of the stuff.. where’s mine. You want the new car, the nice house, the feeling of accomplishment… right? But it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get that break. What’s that all about. You work hard, you save… but still, you’re driving around in your beat up car, you’re living in a run-down estate, you’re unappreciated at work… and you only get to eat cheap food.

The good news is that getting rich can be taught… just like riding a bike. The school system simply doesn’t teach us how to be rich. Why would it? The government want compliant, docile, slave. Not rich, financially independent individuals. So it’s not in the governments best interests to teach us how to look after ourselves. Instead, we live in fear scrimping and saving our whole live, just to die in an old-people’s home in our eighties. Sound like a rough deal… it is. Why not sort your life out? Why not find someone or a group of people who can show you how to become financially independent? Is it really that hard? Well… it’s not easy… but it is simple.

Do you read? If not, you need to start! For most, the best place to start isn’t with your earnings or your finances, it’s with your self. A large part of most people’s in ability to achieve their life goals is lack of confidence. There are plenty of books that can help one overcome deficiencies in self confidence, just head to amazon and look. Next up… sort out your attitude. You need to be open minded, bury your inhibitions, destroy procrastination and take action. Learn to work better with people.

Once you’ve got all that sorted, then you need to look at your earnings. If you’re employed by someone… then you need to evaluate if that’s the job you want to be in. If not, get a new job.

What are you spending with your money! What ever it is… stop buying stuff you don’t need. Warren Buffet once said ‘… if you buy things you don’t need… soon you’ll have to sell things you do need…’ Treat your earnings with care. Invest in things that will bring you more money. Once you’ve built up some capitol and once you’ve paid of your debt and once you’ve secured a fund for retirement… then and only then should you be spending your cash on luxury items.